The 28th Janáček and Luhačovice Festival will take place from 15 to 19 July 2019

Janáček and Luhačovice Festival

Luhačovice is closely related to the world-known music composer Leoš Janáček as he repeatedly visited the local spa that also represented one of the sources of inspiration for his works.

The Janáček and Luhačovice Festival has been organized every year since 1992 to honour the composer. It is one of the prestigious music events in the Czech Republic. The patron of the Festival is Prof. Ing. Václav Klaus: as the Chairman of the Congress of the Czech Parliament since 1998 and as the President of the Czech Republic since 2003. The last two years of the Festival were organized under the patronage of Mrs. Livia Klausová, the First Lady.

The main content of the music festival is to offer the guests unforgettable experience from several concerts in the beautiful surroundings of the Luhačovice Spa presenting the works by world-famous Leoš Janáček as well as by other composers performed by top Czech and foreign musicians.

The harmony of nature, curative springs, colourful architecture and uplifting music will definitely contribute to your perfect rest and fill you up with peace and contentment.

Luhačovice Spa, a joint-stock company, the organizer of the festival, looks forward to your visit at the 27th year of the Janáček and Luhačovice Festival on 16th to 20st July 2018.

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